Two buildings, two storeys, and packed to the rafters with brilliant European brands, this is definitely the go-to-shop in Brussels for all the fun things your child might suddenly require for a happy holiday.

From the Mechanisch Speelgoed collectibles to dozens of Djeco’s delights, there is every type of toy you might be looking for, not to mention many of the practical essentials you find you need on the way including bags, books, as well as slippers, wellingtons, capes and aprons, puppets, nightlights, puzzles and crockery.

With over 4000 different products from 300 suppliers and a keen international following, we were suitably impressed by the range and quality of this toy shop

Upstairs, a train-set table is at-the-ready for keeping younger children occupied while you shop, and with shelves heaving beneath the weight of the playtime joy they’re ready to endow, we could have happily watched our two-year-old at play, ordered coffee and whiled away a few hours without complaint from any party, had it not been for the absence of a café (seemingly the only thing this shop doesn’t have!).Why go? For an endless supply of toys and practical necessities for under-10s while you’re on the go in Brussels OR simply for a browse of brilliant European brands.

Who is it best for? Families with babies, toddlers and school-age with a small amount for tweens.