Part Holmes, part Bond and a melange of adventurers from history, Tintin was created in 1929 as a reporter-turned-detective who ventures across and beyond the globe in pursuit of a colourful cast of villains.

With his simple features – round head, button nose and trademark quiff – Tintin is an iconic design figure created by the Belgian artist who called himself Hergé, who once stated, “Tintin is my successful double. I am not a hero. But like all 15-year-old boys, I dreamt of being one… and I have never stopped dreaming. Tintin has accomplished many things on my behalf.”

This store in Brussels is the official Boutique de Tintin, and it is – quite simply – a great place to go with boys aged 1 to 100.

While that might sound ‘genderist’, the fact is there are a whole bunch of boys in Tintin stories, and not so many girls, so it just makes sense that boys adore this character. And this is the place to find anything and everything Tintin you may be seeking, from books in Japanese, French or English about the comic little character (Tintin has been translated into over 100 languages), to posters, bags, soft toys or collectibles. Set just off the main Grand-Place in Brussels, it is an easy stop on a walking tour around the town.

Why go? For a little Belgian artistic history, if you are a Tintin fan, or simply a fan of classic collectibles.

Who is it best for? Families of all ages (especially those with boys) and those wanting some quality collectible classic toys and books.

Armchair Traveller If you’re not heading to Brussels anytime soon, you can still appreciate and explore the world of Tintin online here, as well as learn how to draw the character for yourself.