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by Suzanne Milne on 08/08/2012

MyLittleStyleFile is a curated collection of the best designs from around the world for children and families, whether it’s a breathtaking book, an iconic toy, a whimsical wardrobe, a contemporary crib, the coolest pushchair, or an incredibly stylish hotel (that welcomes children with genuine smiles, generous bathtubs and a brilliant concierge).

Offering in-depth features, comprehensive reviews, original video content, as well as an ever-watchful international perspective on everything, from the most outstanding travel experiences to put on your family’s ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ list to furniture you can rely on to become family heirlooms, we aim to bring to you the products and experiences that will truly inspire your family life, home and travels.

However, this site is less about us and more about you. So to complement this content, we have also developed a range of easy-to-use ‘discover-and-save’ tools, so you can edit your own Style File. Simply log in, create your profile, make comments, and keep track of all the products, books, places and travel experiences you want for your family by pinning them to your own Style File. When you have time, you can then transform your pinned items into specific project mood boards (be it a book shelf, an interior mood board, a baby’s birth-list mood board, or a travel itinerary planner), then either save it as private or share with friends and family. You can also locate your nearest stockist – online or in your local area – by either following the links on the article or by searching our Directory.

MyLittleStyleFile is purely an editorial site – we have not been paid for inclusions and do not receive any fees for our features. Furthermore the site has been designed with NO advertising space – we don’t like flashing banners, so we don’t believe you should have to put up with them either. Featured companies have been approached by ourselves as we feel they have products that represent outstanding designs. We do not sell anything from this website, although we do include links with our features wherever possible to help you connect with stockists in your region. We are an international site, so the companies featured have been asked about the options in each major regions – including yours. We do have affiliations, which are all arranged after the editorial has already been created; it is a very small way of subsidising all of our editorial research and the creation of content.

We have an incredible global team of editors (all with impeccable magazine editorial credentials), industry specialists, creatives, trendspotters, academics, designers, as well as more than 20 Style Correspondents around the world scouting out the most innovative, exemplary designs for your children and your family, editing the overwhelming options on the market down to a handful of the very best. Personally attending the world’s relevant leading trade shows, our team seek out everything from newcomers with a prototype to established brands with a new launch. We not only report direct from the shows, but also stream our original video content to the MyLittleStyleFile website within hours of seeing the products in person – so you can decide for yourself.

The origins of MyLittleStyleFile
From Editorial Director Suzanne Milne: “For over four years I was Deputy Editor of ‘the world’s finest parenting magazine. However, once I had a baby of my own, I discovered that despite having a visual image of ‘the perfect baby bottle’ and ‘the ideal teether’, I no longer had the time to trawl through my backlog of magazines to remind myself of the brand, and a search of the internet only bought up a hundred other inappropriate alternatives!

I realised there was no one website that brought it all together for parents who wanted great design, aspired to buy products with excellent eco-credentials, loved to travel adventurously, who thrilled to books that were beautiful, clever and classic, and who wanted to be able to put all of that together for themselves – to create their own Style File. I was horrified to discover that, despite knowing what I was ‘looking’ for, I ultimately started settling for ‘the best available’ when I couldn’t locate it either in one of my precious own-edited magazines or online within the ‘sleeping window’ of time my baby gave me each day.

Spending money on something that wasn’t what I really wanted grated; but the general consensus in the Mummy groups was that motherhood is filled with such daily disappointments. That only frustrated me more! This is not how it should be… After all, there’s a whole lifetime of fun to be had with your baby (my now-toddler), and I wanted to spend my time with him – not online, or with my head in a magazine trying to recall where I had seen something wonderful that I thought would be the perfect book, toy or product for him.

It all added up to me sweating the really little stuff, and spending money on products, toys and travel arrangements that were always a compromise. Instead, I decided to hone my knowledge, distil my various ‘ideal’ lists, speak with editors I had previously worked with and whom I respected, and seek out the best newcomers at the trade shows to gather a global collection of the world’s most outstanding designs.

My hope was that this would then benefit other mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts and godparents. Essentially then, I dreamt up this website because I wanted somewhere where I could save all the things I think will inspired my family life in those tiny little windows of time parents get each day, where the world’s best designs for families and children were not only shown, but where I could read about why they had earnt that title, and to have a one-stop tool shop where I could plan my family’s interior schemes, travel itineraries, Christmas present lists, baby shower gifts, book shelves, and toy boxes. And of course I hope the site is also helpful to others in the world who are seeking out the information, the tools and the inspiration to make the day-to-day journey of parenthood just a little less time-consuming and a little more about how to make the most of every day, every dollar and every moment with our precious little people!






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