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by Suzanne Milne on 27/03/2014

Here at MyLittleStyleFile, we believe in the immeasurable value of the little guys… both the little people we have in our families, and the little brands and corner stores that are committed to bringing our little guys the best products that are being created and crafted around the world. So we have two listings: one that showcases the BRANDS that we have featured, the other that showcases the STORES that stock them. 

We have spent years and years attending trade shows around the world discovering and meeting with the brands we have listed here. We are so excited to bring them to you, so that you too can meet these amazing and best-of-the-world brands.

The Brands have not paid to be included, and they have no paid affiliation with MyLittleStyleFile. The only affiliation is that we have independently selected them as Brands that are brilliant for parents.

Nonetheless, MyLittleStyleFile is not responsible for any errors in these listings. All trademarks and tradenames are the property of their respective owners. Unless otherwise noted, all logos and product images are the property of the respective brand. These pages are for display and reference only and we do not offer our readers the rights to republish these images elsewhere on or offline.

If you are a brand and would like to request corrections to a listing, please contact our editorial team for the link to your listing.

We love little stores. It amazes me every time I step into an independent specialist store just how well they know each and every brand that they stock. So our Store Directory has been designed so that no matter where you live around the world, you can find a local store that stocks the boutique brands that we are featuring.

We have designed the listing so that you will not only see the address of the store, but also the map of where the store is as well as their contact details and the brands that they stock. Each store can upload the articles about the products that we have featured that they stock, so you can see what great things they have instore.

Said simply, we want you to be able to find the great things we talk about, and we would prefer to send you to the little stores where you can talk with people who love these brands too. I know I like to see things, touch them, hold them before I buy them for my own children or friends kids. So I want to visit a shop… Yet so often with boutique brands, it is almost impossible to find a local stockist. This is MyLittleStyleFile’s answer to that dilemma.

There is no affiliation payment made to MyLittleStyleFile when you visit a store that has been listed here. Whether it is on or offline, these stores are entirely independent of MyLittleStyleFile. Each Store Listing is the responsibility of the respective Store to manage. MyLittleStyleFile is not responsible for any errors or inappropriate material in these listings. Corrections are the responsibility of the respective Store.

To report inappropriate material, please contact our editorial team.

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