When it comes to the best Belgian waffles, locals will point you to Dandoy – the family-owned ‘biscuiterie’ that has produced traditional biscuits and waffles since 1829.

The word waffle derives from the Frankish term ‘wafla’, meaning honeycomb or cake (depending on the context). Of course, in the context of dessert, it’s the perfect culinary crossroad: a honeycomb cake. And with over a dozen regional Belgian varieties of waffle – this delicacy is undoubtedly a national treasure! The difficulty with such a national treasure is knowing where to head for the most authentic experience, as there are possibilities on every corner. However, when it comes to choosing the best waffles in Brussels, that’s not so difficult after all.

There are seven Dandoy shops dotted across Brussels, but the store on rue au Berre is the oldest, the biggest, and super easy to access, being just off the Grand Place. Here they serve up at least three regional varieties of waffles, and offer the Belgian delicacy of speculaas – thin, crunchy gingerbread-style cookies, which we also recommend as a perfect ‘gift from abroad’ to take back home for family and friends – especially when housed in the Belgian ‘townhouse’ tins!

Why go? For a delicious taste of one of Belgium’s cultural icons

Who is it best for? Anyone who has a sweet tooth and likes a good excuse to enjoy dessert