Editorial Director Suzanne Milne recommends

Frederic Blondeel | Brussels Fish Market

This little shop is the home of divine hot chocolate, where you can enjoy hot chocolate ‘varietals’ from Ghana, Java, New Guinea, Tanzania, Madagascar, to name a few. Our favourite is the hot chocolate varietal with ‘cayenne’ which sounds far too spicy for delicate palates, but in reality adds a delicate secondary ‘warming’ factor to an already rich melange of flavours.

You’ll be hardpressed to leave this store without a package of chocolates, pralines or fondants boasting a range of ingredients from black cardamom, blackcurrant or coriander to green lemon, earl gray or william pear. Simply addictive!

Chocolate confectioner Frederic Blondeel has a team of artisans at his workshop in Western Flanders ensuring a daily delivery of deliciousness into his Brussels store. You can also find chocolate pastes, hot chocolate stirring spoons, as well as spreads and ice-cream.

I have to admit, on our first trip here, we stocked up on raspberry chocolates, only to find that we saved them well beyond their use-by date for a super-special occasion. Next time, we’ll be treating every day as a special occasion!