Les Parents Terribles was dreamed up by Laetitia Verbeeck, a Brussels parent puzzled by the lack of family-friendly cafes and restaurants in her home city.

Judging by how busy the cafe gets, the rest of Brussels agrees and the cafe can rarely be found looking like anything but a fun-filled and energetic play space with some parents chatting away at neighbouring tables.

Describing itself as the perfect destination for “nonconformist tribes”, Les Parent Terribles is a place where parents can let their kids can eat, drink, laugh and play without the constant fear of disturbing other guests.

With toys and books never too far away, the cheekily named cafe ensures children stay occupied and enthralled at all times, leaving you to enjoy anything from a pot of Temple of Heaven relaxing tea to artisan wine and beer. Though the food menu changes daily as seasonal, organic produce is sourced ethically and locally to create delicious, healthy meals,  you can usually expect a range of soups, pies and salads to be on offer.

Baby food and a selection of fresh fruit is also available ensuring everyone from baby to grandparent is catered for, so if you’re planning a lunch time stop-off here there’s no need worry about carrying too many jars and snacks around all day.

Like many other similar establishments, Les Parents Terribles also hosts a number of workshops for children and parents. These are a recent venture, so check the website for more details on upcoming events.