Style Correspondent Sina Gwosdzik of Jäll & Tofta recommends

KaDeWe (pronounced “Car-Deh-Veh”)|  Kurfürstendamm  

Located at the Tiergarten end of the ‘Kurfurstendamm’ shopping area, the sixth floor of this iconic store is dedicated to all things gourmet, and there is a whole department filled with an international selection of chocolates, pralines and sweets.

Head for the local favourites – the Rausch Plantation Chocolate Box, KaDeWe’s Best Chocolate Box selection, and the scrumptious organic chocolate-vanilla tea from Lov

Of course, the danger is that you might get caught up shopping for all manner of other things in KaDeWe at the same time, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! In fact, making this your Day One stop-off in Berlin should set you up nicely, especially if you are staying in self-catering accommodation. But chocolate? Well, you can’t go wrong here!