Built over 1000 years ago, Corfe Castle is home to treachery and treason with tales to captivate the whole family.

Children can count the fort’s battle scars and arrow loops while looking out for wildlife which has made the castle ruins its home. Now owned by the National Trust, the fortress also plays host to a wide range of special events, including everything from falconry displays to medieval archery sessions, perfect for entertaining older children.

The accompanying tea rooms were added in the eighteenth century and are a perfect spot to relax and admire the breathtaking views after a day of exploring.

Why go? A wonderful way to experience a place with a deep sense of history and see the amazing views of the Dorset countryside from the leaning towers.

Who is it best for? Older toddlers to teens… although if your toddler is particularly headstrong, you might feel a little nervous in case they run away up into the ruins where there are a few places that could – with a lot of effort – allow for a dangerous fall

Top Tip Take a jacket and scarf (unless it’s an exceptionally brilliant summer’s day), as this is a very exposed outdoor site and you may experience some wind-chill at the heights.

Our favourite bit Exploring the maze of stairs and paths that lead in and around the crumbling castle. Every turn has another story recounted on a plaque giving you a great sense of this castle’s extensive history.

Don’t Go… On a wet or freezing cold day… this is completely in the open and you will simply retire to the village cafe.

While You’re Here… Visit the amazing natural wonder that is Durdle’s Door and spend the afternoon at the beach there.