Dubbed “les couleurs des impressionistes”, the original Sennelier pastels were used by artistic luminaries including Cezanne, Gauguin, Monet and Modigliani.

Sennelier Soft Pastels were first made by Gustave Sennelier for Edgar Degas in 1900. To this day, they are still hand-formed from the highest-quality pure pigment and the finest chalk with a natural transparent binder, and air-dried in moulds rather than compressed.

In this gorgeous set, there are 36 colours all securely protected in a foam-lined, sturdy box – perfect for any young artist wanting to make a great ‘impression’.

Hedgehog Webshop Christmas Moodboard inclusion 2013.

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Featured Webshop Hedgehog was born out of founder Teresa Roviras’ desire to find beautiful, well-made and classic playthings for her two young children. She sought out simple products, made of wood or natural materials that reminded her of her own childhood. She was also keen to source ethnic toys, outfits and stories from other parts of the world. As her own children have a mixed-race heritage, just as many other families do, she wanted to represent that rich heritage through play with a mix of dolls of every colour; folk stories; world music and traditional toys like Russian babushkas, Chinese cheongsam dresses, flamenco outfits, African masks and much more.