Rather like a blank canvas, the Decopatch Papier Mache Rabbit is just waiting for someone to personalize him. Children can either use some of Decopatch’s vast collection of gorgeous decorative papers, tissue paper, wrapping paper or even newspapers and magazines to create their own bespoke bunny.

This is a perfect project for anyone just getting started with decoupage, and – measuring 10.5cm x 7.5cm x 4.5cm – it is ideal for a mascot or an ornament. The Decopatch Papier Mache Sitting Rabbit is suitable for children from three years of age and is also fun as a family art project.

Hedgehog Webshop Christmas Moodboard inclusion 2013.

Full MyLittleStyleFile inclusion to come in 2014.

Designer Details Decopatch is one of the best-known paper crafting brands, producing everything from papers, glues, varnishes and brushes to ready-to-decorate figurines, trinket boxes and artefacts.