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How have you selected the products shown here? You will see products by big brands and little; from designers who are household names to those who are still finishing their last year at university. We select the products showcased here through recommendation from our wide team of extremely experienced parenting, interiors and travel journalists, through uncovering new talents at specialist trade shows, and hearing about new designers and destinations from style correspondents around the world. Each of the products or destinations included has been seen, read, tested, handled or visited in person by one of the members of the MyLittleStyleFile team.

What makes the editorial on MyLittleStyleFile a reliable source of information? In addition to the editorial team’s combined ‘more than a century’ of experience in the design and children’s market, most of us are parents who are aware of the little things that make a huge difference. As a general rule, we will also have either used, tested, lived with or experienced first-hand the products and the places we feature here. Moreover, there are many that we have visited, tested, lived with that we do not include here. If it isn’t what we consider to be an outstanding design, we simply will not include it on MyLittleStyleFile.

How can I have my brand or design featured? The brands represented on MyLittleStyleFile are curated by our team of editors, stylists, designers, and creative specialists. Among other things, we consider the quality of the workmanship, the originality of the product, the materials used, the source of labour to produce it, the eco credentials, its rock-solid safety credentials, as well as the heritage factor – will it last not only a lifetime, but for generations? If there is a magic formula for becoming a featured product, book, toy or destination on MyLittleStyleFile, it’s that your product inherently demonstrates a belief in the magic, chaos and unrepeatable possibility of childhood. Inclusion is by invitation only. We do not require or accept payment for editorial inclusion, and we will never feature a product that we do not believe fits the remit of being ‘outstanding design’. If you have a suggestion, read our Submissions page, for further information.

Why are you an editorial site and not a webshop? First and foremost, the team on have always worked in editorial – mostly in the ‘glossy’ luxury magazine industry – and we are committed to the neutrality that editorial content has traditionally offered. This site is here to feature outstanding designs from around the world so that you will be able to discover and file everything from iconic classics to prototypes that may not yet be available for sale. There are often rules and obligations you agree to as a webshop that limit your ability to offer competitor’s products. We are committed to being neutral and bringing you all of the outstanding designs we uncover around the world – from the biggest brands to one-off custom creators.

You have some affiliations. Doesn’t that colour your editorial? No. All of our editorial is created and planned prior to and independently of any affiliation. It is only after we have created content that we consider affiliations for that brand. Our affiliations have been arranged first and foremost to make your journey from editorial inspiration to purchasing/booking as easy as possible. The secondary, although crucial, value of our affiliations is to subsidise the considerable costs of creating content and reimbursing our writers for their time and expense, just as they would on advertising-filled magazines.

How can I have my shop – online or retail – linked to your content or listed in the Directory? If you have a store that stocks brands featured on MyLittleStyleFile, you can create your very own business space in our Directory listing. Simply request your listing here and we will be back in touch within 48 hours regarding accreditation on MyLittleStyleFile. Once your store has been approved for inclusion, you can either choose to create an affiliation (online only) or pay an annual Directory Listing fee.