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Sydney versus Melbourne – there’s no comparison!

by Suzanne Milne March 9, 2015
It happens in almost every nation of the world... two cities that vie for the "Best" title. And Australia is possibly one of the most notorious with elegant Melbourne and breathtaking Sydney consistently in cut-throat competition. Melbourne's coffee culture is hard to beat, while Sydney's harbour is unbelievably picture-perfect. Melbourne's museums have been beautifully curated for kids, while their trams are a fun and easy way to get about town when you're a tourist. Sydney on the other hand, is built around beach after gorgeous beach,... Read More »

Christmas Family Traditions

by Suzanne Milne December 23, 2014
Christmas is a truly unique time of the year, and one that is incredibly exhausting and oh-so-rewarding. Most of my own childhood Christmases were spent at my grandparent's house in Christchurch, New Zealand, and there were so many great traditions that came with the season, from the fabulous story books my Gran bought out especially for the holiday season to the morning scurry to spy our Christmas stockings – so empty the night before, and so full of mystery and surprise on Christmas morning. There was... Read More »
Bridge in Toledo

Holy Toledo!

by Brenden Lovett September 15, 2014
After our four-hour journey from Salt Fork Lodge, we first took time to dine at the Real Seafood Company, a restaurant that sits on the far side of Maumee River with the panorama of Toledo's skyline before it. Apparently the most popular dish here is Parmigiana Sole, and my fellow journalists seemed significantly impressed. However, I opted for the "dish less taken" and ordered Swordfish Blackened Cajan Style, with spices seared into one side. Excellent! Then we were off. It was like speed dating a... Read More »

The Wilds

by Brenden Lovett September 3, 2014
Heading to The Wilds today, I was glad not to be waylaid by any pesky penguins of the Madagascar variety. However, we did take a diversion to visit something a little more 'over the pond' than Out of Africa when we stopped in Cambridge (Ohio) for a behind-the-scenes tour of the annual Dicken's Village installation – which, by the way, features an astonishing array of costumed characters, all ready and waiting upon their mannequined figure for their festive season of glory to commence! They were impressive enough... Read More »
TRAVEL_USA_Ohio_SaltForkPark_MG_9657 copy

Salt Fork Park

by Brenden Lovett September 2, 2014
I've just kicked off a week of exploring Ohio's parks and destinations for MyLittleStyleFile! Today was the fabulous Salt Fork Park – a brilliant spot for walks (there are 14 hiking trails, all easy to moderate, and ranging between about half a mile to 2 miles) as well as boating, archery, fishing, golf and perfect spots for picnicking. Packing the highlights into one day is quite a challenge, but amongst the activities we sampled were pontooning and geocaching, where we spied plenty of deer and... Read More »

The Magical Three Sisters

by Suzanne Milne January 25, 2014
Oh the magical beauty of Australia's iconic Three Sisters, the three sandstone peaks that overlook the Jamison Valley in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Park. We had stopped at Eden Point Lookout (from which this photograph was taken) just as the sun was setting and the beautiful trifecta aglow. Three-year-old Oliver was immediately smitten and determined we should sleep here, but we persuaded him that perhaps a walk to the lower lookout would be an acceptable compromise. I was more than a little sceptical about... Read More »

The Privilege of Time

by Suzanne Milne January 2, 2014
As I ponder on the new year, there is one significant thought that put all my resolutions, indeed my life, in perspective for 2014. And that is the fact that one of my dearest, most cherished friends was diagnosed in December 2012 with motor neuron disease at the age of 42; the disease has no known cause, absolutely no cure, and there is no treatment. In all but the rarest of cases, it is a terminal diagnosis with medical experts estimating a shockingly short... Read More »

Biddibi Bobbidi Boutique at Harrods

by Catherine O'Dolan December 6, 2013
With its glitzy show-biz appearance and swanky Knightsbridge location, Harrods is a rather grand affair at the best of times. With its famous façade illuminated with no less than 12,000 lightbulbs, there’s a sense of glamour and splendor all year round. And yet, come Christmas time, it’s an even more magical destination. One tradition that won’t cost a penny is the viewing of the Harrods Christmas windows. For 2013, it’s all aboard the Harrods Express, as each window is decked out to resemble an old-style... Read More »
_MG_7117 copy

She’s Here…

by Suzanne Milne November 1, 2013
Surreal, miraculous, terrifying and awe-inspiring – our little girl has made her debut into the world, and the emergence of this teensy tiny being is now an indelible imprint in my mind and across my heart. It amazes me that despite all of Western medicine's most inventive insights about our babies throughout pregnancy, nothing can ever prepare us for the moment of birth, when we get to meet this incredible little being that has often beaten the odds to make it into the world. Nine months... Read More »

The Day

by Suzanne Milne October 31, 2013
In a mere few hours, I will be meeting the little squirming, kicking, hiccuping and already much-adored little girl who has been keeping me company every moment of the day and night these past nine months. It is a strange thing to know that today is the last day I will probably ever experience being pregnant, and it is with some sadness that I say goodbye to this astonishing and miraculous experience, and with great excitement that we drive (yes, literally, that is what... Read More »