What do you get when you cross a colouring-in book with a dollhouse-cum-crafting kit? Rosie Flo’s Fashion Show and Pool Party of course!

Whether your child is more a fashion designer or party coordinator, there’s a lot of colourful work to be done before they can kick off their big event. So be sure to have felt tips, textas, markers, crayons and pencils at the ready, as he or she will be keen to start making his or her mark as soon as the scene unfolds before them.

The Pool Party has a cafe and pool to assemble while the Fashion Show has a catwalk, curtains and arena. There are also at least 18 press out figures to colour in, including ice creams, rubber rings, a sun lounger, slide, diving board and guests for the Pool Party and 18 separate models, eight glamorous spectators and a designer poodle for the Fashion Show.

Characters coloured in? Pool or catwalk constructed? It’s time for your child’s Pool Party or Fashion Show to begin… and who knows what dramas may unfold once the event kicks off, especially if two or more are at play!

You don’t need scissors or glue for the construction, so this is a great project to take with you as an activity to surprise kids with at your own Pool Party or Fashion Show… or when you suspect boredom may loom (perhaps when visiting great-grandma or at an event where there might not be many other children of the same age group present). It is also a great project to share with a friend as there is plenty of colouring in for them both to do before they begin the big event!

Good For… Fine motor dexterity, story telling and role playing

What Kids Love Whether your child loves colouring-in or imaginary play, this toy takes play beyond the 2-dimensional colouring-in page into the 3-dimensional world

What Parents Love These kits offer plenty of opportunity for hours and hours of play – plus they’re compact enough to take as a travel toy with only the addition of textas or pencils

Designer Details Graphic designers Roz Streeten and husband Steve Kamlish are the masterminds behind the Rosie Flo series of books, although it could be argued that the true masterminds are daughters Sophie and Sasha who gave Roz instruction as to what she must draw for them. These drawings developed into colouring-in books, of which there are now 12, as well as a selection of ‘pop-up’ colouring in ‘houses’, postcards and fold-out posters.