Leaves in all their magnificence and manifold shapes and colours are the inspiration behind the versatile Leaf Rugs by Vividgrey.

There’s something deliciously dreamy about lying beneath the dappled light of a leafy canopy, which is perhaps why a leaf works equally well as a rug, throw or even as a wall hanging as it does hanging upon a tree.

Manufactured and dyed in the Vividgrey workshop in Vienna, using organic linen canvas, each Leaf Rug is made using softly padded pure organic cotton wadding sourced from an Indian Fairtrade cooperative.

One of these rugs can be used as a single decorative feature, or scatter a few to create a leafy play area where your child can use them as stepping stones, turn them into lilypads for a playful water sprite to dance across, or simply snuggle up on a pile of sumptuous leaves for a cosy storytime

With each design sketched individually without using a pattern, each rug is different and completely reversible. The rugs come in a choice of three designs that come in different colours – a rounded leaf shape comes in dark grey (Dark Water Lily), pale grey (Water Lily), and then a large oval-shaped leaf that comes in almost white (Pear Tree).

Designer Details Launched in 2013, Vividgrey is the brainchild of interior architect and product designer Sabine Fajana and evolved out of her work for luxury brands and her new adventures in motherhood. Combining simple aesthetics with refined details and hidden treasures (there is almost always a hidden element – such as a frog inside the lantern shades) to be discovered by children, all of Vividgrey’s products are designed to become modern heirlooms. Based in Vienna, Vividgrey uses FairTrade fabrics from certified suppliers or from local weavers, and cottons used both for fabrics and wadding are all organic certified. Any timbers used are either reclaimed or of sustainable European source.