If you’ve ever had a child with an addiction to Lego, Geomag, Kapla (with all the little bits that go with them) or crafty pursuits such as Loom bands, beading games and the like, then we’re pretty happy to tell you, the Play N Wrap might be your new favourite household tidy up solution. 

I don’t know about you, but in my house it’s pretty much the same story every day. We pull out the Lego, Duplo or Kapla – any game with zillions of little bits – for some super-duper building fun, then voila, it’s bath time and all those little bits are still lying around. By the time Oliver is in bed, it is my husband and I who are left ‘playing’ the Lego Clean-Up Game as we scoop handful upon handful of little pieces safely away into various boxes and trays. So, when I learnt about the Play N Wrap, I was curious: would this truly be the solution I had been looking for?

A perfectly round play blanket, the Play N Wrap comes with a pretty ‘play’ side of red-and-white stripe cotton and an underside of navy blue corduroy (more durable, albeit still extremely luxurious feeling). Around the circumference of the blanket, a white rope has been threaded through a hidden channel between the two layers of fabric and pops out as two loops halfway around each side of the blanket.

Pull the two loops and the whole blanket puckers up like a Dim Sum dumpling so that all the toys on the blanket are now safe and secure inside ready to pour into storage boxes, toss in the back of your car or carry to another room. We LOVE this idea!

Large enough for two children to play on, the beauty of this blanket is that the drawstring mechanism works so smoothly that nothing goes bouncing out of the blanket as you pull it all together. Instead all the toys on the blanket literally roll in to the middle of the blanket – so you don’t have to worry about any of those precious must-have bits going missing.

The added benefit is that this blanket makes it possible to take your Lego to a friend’s place, have the kids play to their hearts content side by side, then whip it all back up into the blanket and take it back home without all the stress and worry about losing pieces or mixing your friends pieces with your own.

Hardy enough to be used outdoors or even on the beach, the blanket is machine washable (yay!) so that makes it even more fun for Mummys and Daddys too. And how cool is it that you can take the kids on a picnic and not only have a well organised dinner rug but a dedicated play rug too?

Just as pretty as it is practical, the Play N Wrap is a great design that makes life with craft- or construction-crazy kids a whole lot easier for everyone!

Designer Details Shloka is the brainchild of Melbourne based entrepreneur Shilpa Joglekar. After quitting her job as a web strategist to spend time with her two children, Shilpa set out to design the Play N Wrap – the design phase took nearly six months with scores of samples made, tested and rejected. The company’s future products will include more clever storage solutions for children’s rooms as well as school gear for the littlest of pupils.