The magical appeal of a spider and its labour of love – the web – has long been a theme in children’s folklore, from a frightened Little Miss Muffet sitting on her tuffet to Charlotte’s delicate web spelling out the magnificence of a certain pig (and saving his bacon).

Spy the intricate artistry of a spider’s web glistening with morning dew and you can’t help but wonder at the mastery of its structure – seemingly so delicate yet robust and fit for its ‘captivating’ purpose.

The delicate structure of the Magic Curtain is also designed to capture – but in this instance, it’s all about capturing your child’s imagination and a magical moment in time

The Magic Curtain is a single panel curtain made from softly textured linen voile with gently frayed edges, balancing the refined with the raw. But where’s the magic? When the curtains are backlit, the diaphanous fabric reveals a delicate cobweb. What’s more, the design is lovingly hand sewn in Austria without an exact pattern, making every curtain totally unique – just like every single cobweb a spider spins.

The single panel is machine washable, has a wide top slot so it can be affixed, and a screen-printed logo detail. And as for the elusive arachnid. Well, if you look very carefully, you might just spot an incy, wincy one…

Designer Details Launched in 2013, Vividgrey is the brainchild of interior architect and product designer Sabine Fajana and evolved out of her work for luxury brands and her new adventures in motherhood. Combining simple aesthetics with refined details and hidden treasures (there is almost always a hidden element – such as a frog inside the lantern shades) to be discovered by children, all of Vividgrey’s products are designed to become modern heirlooms. Based in Vienna, Vividgrey uses FairTrade fabrics from certified suppliers or from local weavers, and cottons used both for fabrics and wadding are all organic certified. Any timbers used are either reclaimed or of sustainable European source.