With a nod to the old-fashioned dressing screen, and a whole lot of modern industrial cool thrown in to the mix, this Dressing Board’s design is inspired by trees, with edges that mimic the branches, and lots of little knots and gnarls that make perfect cubby holes for storing socks or soft toys.

The delicate art of dressing is an important skill for toddlers and preschoolers to master – and it often goes hand in hand with a few little frustrations along the way as your child’s ambition is not quite matched by the manual dexterity required to achieve the task in hand.

This free-standing Dressing Board is designed to lean casually against the wall as a flexible hanging space for your child’s clothes and toys, making the daily task of dressing not only a stylish affair, but also an enticing game your child will quickly master

You won’t need to hunt around the bottom of drawers and cupboards to find that crucial item of clothing – just hang all the items for the next day and leave your child to collect their kit from the branches! Even better, come the end of the day, kids might find it just as much fun to be the one who tucks, hangs and pokes all their clothes away again.

Vividgrey’s Dressing Boards are handmade in the company’s Vienna workshop and come in two sizes. Very appropriately, they are made from sustainable European timber and finished with non-toxic paint and a top coat of metallic oil emulsion.

Style Guru Tip Buy two or more in different sizes and use them together to create a magical mini ‘woodland’ wall (that’s also storage) for a child’s room.

Designer Details Launched in 2013, Vividgrey is the brainchild of interior architect and product designer Sabine Fajana and evolved out of her work for luxury brands and her new adventures in motherhood. Combining simple aesthetics with refined details and hidden treasures (there is almost always a hidden element – such as a spider in the Magic Curtain) to be discovered by children, all of Vividgrey’s products are designed to become modern heirlooms. Based in Vienna, Vividgrey uses FairTrade fabrics from certified suppliers or from local weavers; cottons are all organic certified; timbers are either reclaimed or of sustainable European source. Learn more about Sabine and her brand in our Creator Q&A.