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A World of Colour

by Suzanne Milne on 22/01/2014

Everywhere we look – there it is: colour! What an amazing phenomenon!

After all, how could you describe colour to someone who has only ever seen black and white? “Green, it’s like grass”. “Red, like a tomato.” “Blue, well, like the sky!” Without examples, colours are just a paler shade of grey…

And what a concept for our children to grasp…

From the moment your baby comes into this world, the concept of colour
is being learnt. By around 18 months of age, he or she can not only
name some colours but has probably even decided on a favourite shade

Of course, that favourite will probably change a dozen times between toddler days and teen years, which may also be because colour is renown for shifting our mood, affecting us emotionally and even physically.

So, in 2014, we’re setting out to fill 12 months with brilliant colour inspiration for all the family across all of our channels…

BOOKS & TOYS We gather 12 toys and books that we love for colour and colouring-in which will also inspire a love of colour for your child, from their baby days through school-age playtime.

INTERIORS Decide on some exciting new colour combinations for your home with the inspiring True Colours series written by former editor of Australian House & Garden magazine, Rose-Marie Hillier. Throughout the year, she takes us on a journey through the colour groups that can stimulate, inspire, calm, balance, comfort and stabilise your child and your family in your home.

PRODUCTS  Weegoamigo’s digital print muslins deliver up some of the most vibrant colours for babies (although we think they are great at every age!) and we celebrate them especially for their ‘colour’ muslin that wraps your baby in a rainbow of colours with words that match each shade – that’s packing a lot of learning into one mighty useful little swaddle…

TRAVEL We visit colour-infused destinations each of the 12 months this year: in January, it’s the white slopes of Alta Badia, in Italy; February will be the Blue Mountains of Australia; and in March we’ll take a look at the city that boasts and hosts the Golden Gate Bridge…

IN JUNE: It’s Time for some Horse Play…

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Our 2014 True Colours interiors feature
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The white slopes of Alta Badia

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