With a collection of blankets and muslins that range from classic to downright quirky, WeeGoAmigo is one of our favourite brands of baby products right now. 

Despite producing many different lines of dyed, knitted and even crocheted blankets and muslins, these colourful designs are the company’s first foray into digital printing; a technique that many high-end fashion houses now use (with high-end price tags). Shown to their full advantage when ‘spread-eagled’ across your baby, these muslins offer everything from a rainbow reef (shown above) and origami animals to circus scenes and astronauts on the moon. Space Junk (the moon scene) is a WeeGoAmigo office favorite and a brilliant balance of artistic and photographic image; for little boys, it will no doubt go from being a much-used baby blanket to adored toddler favourite in a matter of two years! (Dr Who fans note – there is even a moderately concealed Tardis in the top corner.)

Whatever your preferred subject matter, WeeGoAmigo’s digitally printed muslins are inventively fascinating, with stories leaping from corner to far-flung corner…

Of course, most of the time, your baby will be wrapped and tucked beneath the folds of these visual tales, artistic masterpieces and ‘maps’, with the lines of the images blurred into an array of cubist shapes and colours. But the beauty of these prints is that images are realised in such appealing and complementary colours that it will look just as pretty in this disjointed fashion as it is in its fully fledged story-telling mode.

Made from a supremely lightweight and soft-to-the-touch cotton, the digital printing costs are significant in comparison with other muslin printing techniques, but enables the WeeGoAmigo designers to create images that are just not possible with standard printing methods. “We all become a bit childlike knowing we are sometimes doing the design equivalent of walking in fresh snow,” explains the WeeGoAmigo team. We’re happy that they are, especially when we’re out on a sunny day with their equally sunny muslins to shade our newborns!

To view the entire collection of WeeGoAmigo’s Digitally Printed Muslins – and pin one or more to your own StyleFile – go to our Gallery here. 

Why? If you want to swaddle your baby – or have a lightweight muslin/blanket/shade out and about with your baby – then this makes for a really unique and fun alternative to a plain coloured swaddle. And while your baby might not appreciate all the story-telling elements of the design right now, you can make use of this design feature for playtime when they are only a little older.

Outstanding Features Brilliantly fun and quirky designs on truly top quality fabric muslins. Down the track, use as a scarf for yourself; after all, the design technique is the same as those used by many top fashion houses, and you get it for a pip of the price tag.

Best For Graphic design loving parents.

What Parents Love  “As soon as I saw the Circus printed muslin I had to have it. What a fantastic design for my newborn baby boy. And the size is truly awesome with plenty of room for swaddling a growing baby. Will definitely get plenty of use out of this not only for swaddling but also as a breastfeeding cover, pram sunshade…” Samantha

Designer Details The Little Linen company has been supplying baby products in Australia since 1971. The Little Linen Company is the signature brand of the company, and since its inception a series of ‘sister’ companies have been established to cater to the increasingly diverse and sophisticated parenting market, one of which is Weegoamigo – the fun and flamboyant sister brand born in the early 2000’s out of the need for distinctive, fun and imaginative soft textile products. “Weego” is all about the parent and child travelling together; “amigo” is a parent’s best friend.