Created by the fabulously inventive people at OKIDO, Let’s Play A Game is a brilliant box set of six board games with all the required kit (six counters and a spinning dial) to deliver hours of lively family frolics. 

From the simplicity of Hot Air Repair (spin the dial and whatever colour you land on, move your counter to the matching colour in the next level on the balloon) to the dance moves of Ready, Steady, Disco! (just hope you don’t land on a star!!), there will be a favourite game here for everyone in the family, from your toddler through to tween. The games are pretty fast to play, taking only about 15 to 20 minutes each when played with two players, and proportionately more with each additional player.

With all the game pieces safely stored inside the sturdy cardboard slipcase, Let’s Play A Game is a great option for travels, offering plenty of variety to stave off any hint of boredom
So how do you play? Select the game you want to play – we suggest spinning the spinner to select which one to play if the debate gets too heated – then choose your personal colour counter and place it on Start (this is the same on each of the six games), then spin the spinner to start playing – which is, again, an integral part of the game box, so you won’t ever lose it (clever designers!). Each game uses the spinner in different ways: in some games, the play is led by the colour that the spinner lands on, while others use only the number to direct how many moves you make. Still others make use of both the colour and the number combination.

  • Hot Air Repair Spin the dial to get the right colour and work your way to the top of the balloon
  • Space Race Zip along a trail of stars or asteroids, avoiding a meltdown on Venus and aiming for the meteor shower that will get you ahead
  • Superbuzz! Make a beeline for the finish line via the colourful buzzing flight paths linking flowers and toxic spray cans – land on a spray can and the game is over!
  • Ready, Steady, Dance! Put on your family’s favourite tunes, then spin the spinner and do the move (the ballerina, kung fu, jumping jack, for example) that matches the colour of the hexagon you land on. Just beware of landing on the star when you have to do them all.
  • Slither and Climb Snakes and ladders by another name, you climb the trees and slither down snakes to make your way to the finish line.
  • The Rumble-Fart Game Spin the spinner to find out how many spaces you move, then make the sound on that square (clap, whistle, chatter… or fart!) to keep moving forward to the finish.

Players You need a minimum of two people to play any of these games, and while there is no age recommendation, we would suggest that children from about two could happily participate in the Hot Air Repair game, while the other games are better for ages 5+, although of course Rumble-Fart and Ready, Steady Disco! will have kids up to the age of Mummys and Daddys highly entertained.

Good For… Vocabulary, listening, following instruction, recollection/memory, following rules, attention development, learning colours, learning numbers, taking turns

Keep in Mind… Each game requires the ability to recognise numbers, apart from Hot Air Balloon, which is based on colours.

What Kids Love There is a game here for everyone – The Rumble-Fart Game for kids who love making body noises, Space Race for a little astronaut, Ready Steady Dance for those with lots of energy!

What Parents Love Just when you think the kids might be getting bored of one game, out comes the next one… hello, rainy day!

Designer Details OKIDO is an innovative science and arts magazine for kids that was launched back in 2007. The brainchild of multimedia designer, scientist and teacher, Dr Sophie Dauvois and illustrator Rachel Ortas, it is brilliantly illustrated and written by contemporary designers, illustrators and authors. In spring 2015, the OKIDO television show will air on the BBC.