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12 We Love: Pull-along Toys

by Suzanne Milne on 08/12/2015

Sitting in the corner, eagerly awaiting a walk, a pull-along toy is a little piece of puzzling possibility for the just-toddling child.

After all, without its owner, a pull toy is nothing, so it delivers up some of the earliest lessons in cause-and-effect for a child. “When I pull this string, what happens…” “The faster I go, the faster it goes too…” Oh the power that lies in that holder of that string!

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1. It’s colourful, it’s cute, it’s got spinning circles and spines on its back and a nose that pops. You just gotta see Hape‘s Walk-along Hedgehog ($25/£18) in action (above)!

2. Issy the Donkey ($40/£35) is a classic retro toy from Steiff and sure to stay in your family for generations to come…

3. With its brilliant colouring and quirky character, Frizzy the Dog ($40/£22) from Djeco isn’t one to fade away unnoticed in a corner.

4. A handmade wooden heirloom toy, Baby Elephant from Hop and Peck (£28) has wheels in duck egg blue, white or pink.

5. “Oh my, little Pull-along Frog ($20/£15) from Janod – what a long tongue you have!”, “All the better for taking me for a walk, my dear!”

6. A much sought-after designer pooch from Studio delle AlpiEnzo the Pull-along Dog is available in Australia ($89), USA ($65) and Europe (£42).

7. His little head wobbles, his tail wags and his ears flip-flop with happiness! Which is probably why the Classic Pull-along Daschund ($15/£12) from Brio has been around since 1953.

8. With each of its wheels a different colour, the vibrant Island Bird Pull-along ($28/£40) from Vilac is a French beauty indeed.

9. Danish designers Bloomingville deliver up monochrome cool with the Pullalong Hedgehog Family ($46/A$70).

10. The Noah Elephant ($50/£30) from Franck & Fischer is a big softie with its flapping fabric ears and little baby in tow.

11. This Hopping Rabbit ($25/£15) from Plan Toys really does hop along behind its owner, due to the cleverly wobbly wheels!

12. Straight from the pages of Eric Carle’s book, The Hungry Caterpillar ($22/£20) is the perfect character to inspire a little toddling from even the most-dedicated crawler.

13. With its tail bouncing behind it, The Nutty Squirrel from Kid-O chases the little acorn around and around and around and around… ($22 £25)

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2. Issy the Donkey from Steiff
3. Frizzy the Dog from Djeco
4. Baby Elephant from Hop and Peck
5. Zigolo the Frog from Janod
6. Enzo the Dog from Studio delle Alpi
7. Classic Daschund from Brio
8. Island Bird from Vilac
9. The Hedgehog Family from Bloomingville
10. Noah Elephant Pullalong from Franck & Fischer
11. Hopping Rabbit from Plan Toys
12. The Hungry Caterpillar from Eric Carle's World
13. Nutty Squirrel from Kid-O

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