Launched onto the market in 2011, the YoYo is a dream for any parent who ever needs to travel with a toddler! Not only is it the most compact stroller out there, it also complies with airline cabin baggage restrictions. 

Despite its compact size, the YoYo still features four-wheel suspension, a ‘soft-drive’ system with no need to lock the front swivel wheel even on rough terrain, a reclinable backrest, and a removable and washable seat. Super light at 5.8kg, folding, unfolding and steering can all be done using just one hand, while a shoulder strap means that if you find yourself in a crowded corner, you can always pop it over your shoulder.

The YoYo’s folding mechanism – the inspiration for the name – is quite truly revolutionary. To be impressed, simply watch our video of the designer Gilles Henry, above, showing us how it works!

So what is it best for? We have used it as the dedicated stroller for our two-year-old for quite some time, and it is brilliant in all manner of situations – for all your day-to-day running around (you will never have an issue zipping down a supermarket aisle!; on public transport; and of course when travelling internationally (the airline ground staff can’t help but break a grin when they see how tiny this little baby folds down to). The fact that it is so light means that you are barely pushing anything, and in fact sometimes the biggest problem is that you really need to hang on or it may take off without you – it’s that easy to move!

With its petite but sturdy frame, there aren’t many options for carrying extra cargo with this stroller. Although there is a small bag holder underneath that has a bag and magnetic clip, this is best for holding heavy but small containers or bags; anything too light might be in danger of slipping out.

If you are living or planning travel in Paris (and most other cities around the world), one of the fun bonuses of this chair is that by folding down the handlebar on this stroller (which you can do quickly and easily with your child still happily seated), the chair fits perfectly beneath the Metro entry bars, making entries and exits from the Metro super easy in comparison to pretty much all other pushchairs; but you will still need to carry it up those Metro stairs!

Best bit… Folded, the Babyzen YoYo is a teensy H52 x W44 x D18, which fulfils the airline cabin baggage requirements of 56 x 45 x 25cm

Designer Details BabyZen is the brand conjured up by notable baby product designer Jean-Michel Chaudeurge (who was previously a considerable design force at Beaba, being the designer behind the BabyCook products, as well as the Steril Box and 1st Meal Spoon) with his son Julien to launch the award-winning BabyZen pushchair. The BabyZen team was joined in 2011 by Gilles Henry, the designer of the BabyZen YoYo.