Let it rain, let it pour! With footwear as stylish as these funky wellingtons by Joules, kids can’t wait to make a splash.

With the tagline “Established in the fields of Great Britain”, Joules has a rich heritage when it comes to muddy countryside and puddles. What’s more, their stylish Wellington boots come with a One-Year Welly guarantee.

The Joules’ premise is you can have fun in wellies – and that’s a promise! Whether you’re jumping in puddles or squelching in muddy fields, Joules will ensure you are stepping out in style.

The collection comes in a range of vibrant brights (the Junior Seafarer Welly comes in a choice of shiny red, yellow or blue, offset with nautical white trim) or patterns, from stripes, florals or animal prints that just happen to coordinate perfectly with the Joules’ apparel collection each season.

Want to keep your boots in pristine condition? Joule also have a Welly Wash, £5.95, specially formulated to combat mud, dirt and all manner of stains. Here’s the science stuff. The product is designed to remove ‘blooming’ on the surface, restoring the natural oils in the rubber (the ‘bloom’ is the natural oils that can come out of the rubber). Also, when buffed it will help to restore the natural finish with a shine. Having said that, we have to say we do like our wellies looking lived in and well loved – and yes, that means mud ‘n all!

For family walks and splashes, Joules also have a very dandy collection for the grown-ups. We’re particularly fond of the ladies’ boots that fasten with a grosgrain bow at the back – perfect for adding a touch of fine and fancy to field trips!

Joules are also keen exponents of the art of welly wanging, where contestants launch a boot into the air and attempt to reach a target. You can perfect your swing and watch your welly wing through the sky at a selection of family festivals during the summer.

Welly ‘wow’ factor

  • Bright colours, cool prints and funky designs to choose from, plus an adjustable side buckle that adds fashion flair.
  • Hardwearing, durable and wipe-clean. Plus each pair comes with Joules’ Walking The Walk 12-month guarantee.
  • Chunky soles give extra grip in soggy terrain, and leave a cute Joules hare print in squelchy mud or damp sand.

Did you know? Originally based upon the design of leather Hessian boots worn by German military, Wellington boots became popularised by Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, and soon became a staple of hunting and outdoor wear for the British aristocracy in the early 19th century. Originally made from soft calfskin leather, with the invention of vulcanised rubber by Charles Goodyear (who decided to manufacture rubber tyres) in 1852, the first rubberised boot was made by Aigle. Affectionately known as “wellies” in most UK households, Wellington boots are also referred to as rubber boots, topboots, billy-boots, gumboots, gumbies, gummies, rainboots, and Alaskan Sneakers.

Designer details Following in his father’s footsteps, Tom Joule began selling country clobber at equestrian and outdoor events across Great Britain more than three decades ago. One typically rainy afternoon, Tom realised that the clothing on offer (in rather dull, dreary colours) didn’t reflect the colourful personalities of the lively country folk he was meeting. Following his hunch that there was a market for something a little more flamboyant and fun, Tom made a bold strike, designing 100 pairs of bright pink Wellington boots. They sold like hot cakes, and Joules was born. Today, the Joules boot comes in a variety of designs for adults, including the Posh Welly, and Wellibob ankle boot, and is a staple of the collection, available in bright colours and playful prints of dots, spots and stripes, florals and blooms, dogs, horses and the signature Joules’ hare.