Back in the day, I loved putting my albums on an analog stereo’s turntable and feeling the all-encompassing bass impact of huge speakers. But back in the day I didn’t have two children who might have fallen through those speakers – like Alice in Wonderland – and disappeared forever. And also, back in the day, there was nothing like The House of Marley’s Get Together portable stereo!

A few toddler spins on the dance floor and my retro speakers would have been tattered and torn, the needle on my turntable would have cut treadmarks through my precious albums, and the whole thing would have probably cost the equivalent of a year’s wages! In stark contrast, the Get Together stereo is the length of my laptop, the width of a block of chocolate, and the height of a cup of coffee – and could be bought with less money than 100 cup of coffee (in my world at any rate). Put it all together and you’ve got a pretty tasty piece of musical manoeuvrability that is ideal with kids bounding about.

Made by The House of Marley, the Get Together has been designed with superior quality, earth-friendliness and global charitable causes at front of mind

How does this express itself in a stereo? Well, the front face of the Get Together is made  from natural bamboo, the fabrics used are hemp and organic materials, while the plastic elements are made from recycled and recyclable materials. Indeed, this stereo ticks so many boxes for me – looks, ecological viability, price point, portability… but how does it sound?

Technically speaking, there are woofers and tweeters for clear crisp sound that can be turned up and up (and up, if you desire). The controls are incredibly simple with four ‘buttons’ – On/Off, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Bluetooth connection – which is great when the sound quality is as excellent as this, and there’s no need to fiddle with your trebles and bass to achieve a rich tone.

The Get Together connects via Bluetooth from your phone so you can run your play list without even physically hooking up any wires, and – even better, as far as I (the one whose battery seems to have always just run out) am concerned, it has a USB power output for charging your devices, so you can play your music and charge up at the same time.

Plus there is that significant portability factor. It’s a boom box for the next generation – and I’ve got two of them right here. Take a look and listen to these videos, as they speak volumes – sorry, just couldn’t resist.

Designer Details Working together for a better world, The House of Marley was created from the belief in Bob Marley’s vision of One World, One Love. The House of Marley’s aim is to bring joy to everyone by offering a wide range of accessible and affordable products.  This company aims to enhance lives through great product experiences as well as using proceeds from product sales to support efforts to make lives better around the world.