Although a close relative to man’s best friend, the big bad wolf is one of the most maligned animals in history. However, they rarely attack humans. In North America, no one has been killed by a healthy wolf. Wolves much prefer the taste of deer, elk and moose. They do, however, attack domestic animals and, for that reason, were hunted close to extinction in Europe and America for centuries. Since the 1950s, they have staged a recovery in Europe. Wolves hunt in packs of six to ten and communicate in long, high-pitched howls. Grey wolves are the most common species; there only 100 of the rarer red wolves left in the wild.

Crib Notes:

  • Grey wolves often eat 9 kilograms (20 pounds) of meat in one meal – that is the equivalent of 80 hamburgers.
  • When hunting large prey such as elk or moose, wolves kill their prey by eating it alive.
  • Wolves are revered in many Native American cultures.

Time of year: The eastern part of Idaho has a continental climate; go from March to May or September to November to appreciate the scenery at its best.

Destination: Sitting on the South Fork of the Snake River amongst the picturesque wilderness of North America, Natural Retreats, South Fork Lodge, Idaho offers quality suites, deluxe suites, cabins and even tents for overnight river-side camping. Whilst the retreat prides itself on being the best fly-fishing location in the USA, it also caters for every explorer’s interest, including bike and hiking trails, golfing, boating and white water rafting – and staff will happily create your own customised activity plan. Whilst you may not see wolves on your doorstep, the famous Yellowstone National Park and its adjoining Grand Teton National Park are both popular near-by attractions for South Fork visitors. Wolves as well as elk, moose, coyote, bison and occasionally even mountain lion and lynx have been sighted in the parks. Jackson Lake, located within Grand Teton National Park, is a popular location for spotting moose and other shy animals that tend to stay close to wetlands.

Price Guide: From $450 per person for 2 nights in a suite.