The eastern grey kangaroo stands at 2 metres (7 feet) tall and numbers several million down under. They roam the forests of eastern and southern Australia, including the island of Tasmania. Kangaroos hop on their powerful hind legs and can leap 8 metres (25 feet) in one bound. Males use their hind legs to ‘box’ each other over mates, leaning on their tails and kicking. They also pound the ground if sensing danger. Females have pouches in which they carry their young. Newborn joeys are just 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) tall and first emerge from their mother’s pouch at four months. They live in mobs of 50 and eat mainly leaves. Kangaroos are hunted for their meat, which is increasingly popular in Australian restaurants.

Crib Notes:

  • The highest ever recorded speed of any kangaroo was 64 kilometres per hour (40 mph) set by a large female eastern grey kangaroo.
  • Although the red kangaroo is better known, the eastern grey is the kangaroo most often encountered in Australia, due to its adaptability.
  • The first glimpse of a kangaroo for many 18th-century Britons was a painting by George Stubbs, best known for his paintings of horses.

Time of year: In general, the best time to visit the south is during the Australian summer from December to March, while in the centre, the best months are from October to November and from March to May.

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