Quolls are small marsupials that live in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. Like kangaroos, females quolls carry their young in a pouch. Quolls have naturally short life spans; smalls quolls only live two years. Quolls are nocturnal and hunt at night, usually insects, frogs and small mammals. The biggest threat to quolls are cane toads, which were introduced into Australia in the 1930s. Quolls may die after consuming one of these toxic toads, but a University of Sydney project is teaching them to avoid eating these poisonous invaders.

Crib Notes:

  • Quolls sometimes scavenge campsites and rubbish bins.
  • Females give birth up to 18 pups, but only six survive the first two weeks.
  • There are six species of quoll: four live in Australia and the other two live in New Guinea.

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