High in Argentina’s Northern Patagonia, Caballadas is a family owned  and operated ranch on a private park to the north of Parque Nacional Lanin, the most secluded and scenic part of the Patagonia Lake District, and the perfect place for an authentic traditional Argentinian experience.

Located on the border with Chile, Lanín National Park features steppes, forests, alpine highlands, volcanic summits and 24 lakes.

Spanning almost 4,000 square kilometres, this Park was established in 1937 to preserve natural ecosystems including the north Patagonian Andean forest where the plateau and the Andes meet – and this is where you get to ride…

The Caballadas estancia dates back to 1908 when attorney and pioneer Don Juan Lagos Mármol came to the area to investigate “irregularities” at the Justice Department in the Neuquén province. He befriended one of the local landlords who invited him to set up an estancia on some of the land. Five generations later, the estancia covers some 20,000 hectars and is still owned and run by Juan’s descendants.

Form Guide Authentic Argentinian estancia with rides in the stunning Lanin National Park.

Yearlings Ages 8 and over (children should be good riders).

Pace Day-long rides take place inside the national park, and children ride with adults stopping for a picnic lunch along the way. There is also an Excursion package available where you can camp out overnight on your trek. Golf, polo, boating, fly fishing and hiking are also available.

Stables The Valley Lodge is a traditional family house made of native oak and regional stone. Located at the heart of the ranch with breathtaking views of the entire valley the Lodge can accommodate up to 20 people in 10 bedrooms (4 master and 6 with single beds), all with private bathrooms. There is also a large communal living room with a fireplace, dining room, and a large playroom for the kids. Telephone, limited internet and laundry services are available.

Feedbag Breakfasts are typically a buffet of bacon, eggs, yogurts, cereals, breads, pastries, and fresh croissants. When riding, the picnic lunch includes empanadas, milanesas and potato tortillas followed by alfajores (cookies with the caramel-like dulce de leche filling) for dessert. Evening meals range from the traditional mixed grill parilla, including various cuts of beef (sirloin steak and veal loin) and chicken, accompanied by dipping sauces and complemented by grilled vegetables, stir fried vegetables, salads, home-made bread, cheeses and local fish.

Purse Five nights for a family of four (including two children ages 14 or under), including accommodation, all meals and rides, costs from US$9,990 from Dolomite Mountains. The Excursion package costs an additional $500 per person and includes two nights camping. You can also add optional stays at boutique hotels in Buenos Aires.