Style Correspondent Annie Sutherland of Seedling recommends

Devonport Chocolates | Devonport

Devonport Chocolates is not one of those places to strengthen your willpower to say no to the delicious treat that is chocolate. The charming, boutique exterior is what first catches your eye and draws you in, followed by the realisation that everything in the store is deliciously taste-worthy and simply must be tried.

If you are a white chocolate lover like me, you cannot leave without trying the Lemon Tea Bar, or become a real kiwi and take home a hokey pokey truffle slice for the whole family to share… Yum!

From truffles to hot chocolate mixes and even gorgeous chocolate shoes, these hand-crafted treats will deliver something for everyone. A child-friendly environment, which is something we always look for, Devonport Chocolates is one not to be missed during your stay in Auckland.