OMY’s gigantic black-and-white posters are the ultimate boredom buster for any colouring-crazy children looking to take on their next – or first! – big art project.

Offering an infinite range of colour possibilities for children to fill in the ‘gaps’, the 180cm wide poster features everything from spaceships and gruesome monsters to zoo animals and cupcakes.

The clever design with hundreds of objects to colour in means there is something for every child’s special interest, while the plentiful space means there’s room for siblings, friends and arty adults to take their own position at the exciting wall of colour

The sheer size of the poster makes it the perfect activity to fill in the holiday week between Christmas and New Year. It’s recommended that you pop the poster onto the wall before you set to work, although Coloromy can also be laid out on the floor or a very large table.

Older children can also think outside the box and get creative with craft materials to create a textured collage gluing on felt, fabrics and coloured paper to vary the patterns and colour even further.

Good For… Fine motor dexterity, drawing, reasoning, shape recognition, attention development, cooperation, parallel play, taking turns

Keep in Mind… Before your child opens their present, make sure you have determined where it is going to live, as you will need to allocate a big space for this ‘toy’ to live for the duration of the activity

What Kids Love There’s no need to rush to finish the whole poster in one sitting… so the flow of this activity can be as long or as short as suits your child’s attention span

What Parents Love If you don’t want to leave it on the wall or floor, it can simply be popped back into the tube which comes with it and saved for the next rainy day

Designer Details After graduating from the school of Arts-Déco of Paris, classmates Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé spent seven years working as graphic designers and illustrators before turning part of their graphic design studio into the headquarters for OMY Design & Play. Since 2012, OMY Design & Play have been printing their playful designs onto everything from posters and placements to t-shirts and stickers, all while maintaining a strong policy of only using eco-friendly paper, cotton and ink.