When Jahgoo designer Hans Pompen designed the Baby Bath Support, he solved a whole bunch of bathtime problems for parents of a newborn.

First up, was the issue of big, all-space-consuming baby baths that often also require a stand; the Baby Bath Support is only a little larger than your baby and simply sits inside your existing bath. Secondly, there’s that slippery (literally) issue of supporting a newborn in the bath while you are trying to wash them, hold them and find a spare hand to reach out and get the towel; this little gem means that you no longer have to worry about having two hands on your baby all the time, as it is a virtual spare hand (admittedly a very large spare hand). Thirdly, the issue of aesthetics…

This slick little design will quickly ensure you have a more minimalist and futuristic look for your now baby-dominated bathroom

I have to admit, my mother had suggested – and who questions their mother in cases of first-time parenthood – that all you needed to bathe a baby is a towel you put at the bottom of the bath and lie your baby comfortably upon while you clean them.

Fortunately design has moved beyond such make-do solutions, and with this simple yet ingenious baby bath seat, we felt extremely safe and comfortable bathing our newborn without going through our entire towel collection on a weekly basis. Sorry, Mum, but Jahgoo has your towel system beat hands down.

Suction caps hold the seat in place at the bottom of your bath, so you simply rest your baby in a natural, semi-reposed position with their head gently resting on the upper curve of the Bath Support. We found it incredibly easy to wash all around our baby, although we had to sit her up to get access to her back and bottom – which was nonetheless submerged for the entire bath.

Our daughter was also very comfortable in the seat from the very first time and we found it made bath-time much easier, both physically (oh what a salvation for parents with back issues) as well as stress-wise. After all, wet, wriggling babies are much safer in a bath seat where they are happily cradled and still able to kick their legs and wave their arms than free-floating on Mummy or Daddy’s single hand…

While this bath support is suitable for babies up to about 6 months, we found that our daughter was ready to move on to a more upright seat a short while before then.

Designer Details “As a parent, you simply seem to tolerate all of these primary colors and blocky shapes around the house,” explains Dutch designer Hans Pompen. “Why can’t baby stuff be highly functional and elegantly or cleverly designed? What about space efficiency? As a new generation has kids, there’s a call for hip, design-conscious baby gear. And it does not all have to be outrageously expensive!” And so, Jahgoo was born! Now owned by Kastel, Jahgoo also produce an excellent 3-in-1 potty which we will be reviewing soon.