The chic-est lounger you’ll find… the Coco Lounger from Bloom is made from a single piece of strengthened acrylic and has all the earmarks of an iconic piece of furniture – for your baby!

OK, so it may feel a little indulgent to buy something this incredibly sleek, chic and utterly gorgeous for a baby when it will be outgrown within the year. But then again, that first year is when you are going to be spending oh-so-much of your time around your own home, and hopefully inviting as many people as possible to come and see you in your own space. So this sets the scene for some stay-at-home entertaining with baby in situ.

This kind of bouncing/reposing furniture is probably going to be number two or three on your
most-used item list during those first 12 months, so keep in mind that on a per use basis, it might just end up being the least expensive piece of equipment on your nursery wish list

Made from patented plexistyle clear resin, the Coco Lounger has a self-rocking motion (meaning it has excellent engineering principles rather than being battery operated), as well as a super comfy and interchangeable seat pad (and, hello, the pad comes in 10 colours, so no need to commit to just the one colour combination!!). To get an idea of just how many variations there are with this Lounger, go to our Coco Lounger Gallery to pin one (or more) of these combinations to your Moodboard.

The seat uses the requisite five-point safety harness to ensure your baby is not only uber-cool, but also uber-safe.

So that’s it really. Style, comfort, function and safety all wrapped up. Bloom states that it’s appropriate until babies sit up on their own or until they hit 12kg!! Fact is, by the time they hit 12kg they probably won’t want to do a lot of lounging, no matter how stylish the seat!

Designer Details Bloom Baby was set up in 2009 by four dads who wanted to bring a sense of contemporary design to the world of baby products. Kickstarting the business in 2005, the four dads are an international set: Simon May lives in Australia, Jason Lewis is from New Zealand, Francisco Balderrama is from Mexico, but lives in San Diego and Jon Lake, who is from the US, but lives in Hong Kong for much of each year. Which is perhaps why they have been able to create designs that have such universal appeal. Style, Safety and Sustainability are their three core principles, and their iconic products include the Alma crib, the Bloom Otto Table and this Coco Lounger, and in 2012 they teamed up with the BabyZen team to create a fabulous range of accessories for the Zen pushchair.