Hurrah for Boon, the company behind the appropriately named Naked baby bath! Why? Well, this is the only baby bath we know of that you can recline, expand, drain, collapse and hang… In short, the perfect baby-to-toddler bath that offers a safe bathing environment for your newborn, but won’t end up cluttering your home. 

There are so many things to celebrate in this revolutionary design. So let’s start with the benefits it offers from the day you arrive home with your baby…

First up, the bath’s recline position cradles your newborn, helping you keep their head above the water. There is also a rotating support brace under the base to ensure quick and secure positioning of the bath – perfect when you’re trying to manage your teensy treasure at the same time as manoeuvring the bath. Free from BPA, phthalate and PVC materials, you won’t have to worry about these chemical leaching into the water during bath time, and the drain in the bath allows for speedy emptying of the tub.

If you like being able to put as much of your baby kit away – or if you are planning travels with your toddler – the fact that this is collapsible to almost-flat (with a storage hook for a hanging option as well) means you can easily pack it away on a daily basis, or take it with you on your travels

When your baby has grown up and wants a proper sit-up-and-play style of bath, the bath’s basin can be expanded for toddlers up to the age of 18 months. One of the hardest things about products designed to transition from one age to another is that there are different parts for each new age range, which results in lost parts just when you’re needing them – here, the brilliant one-piece design also means that there are no parts to lose.

OK, so that’s all the practical stuff… but that would be ignoring the ‘not only clever, but also gorgeous’ design and the super smart colours the Naked baby bath comes in. We are utterly in love with the purple… but then again all five zinging colours are pretty gorgeous too. It all comes down to what works best in your own home (even if it never gets to be out on display).

Designer Details Boon all began when designer Rebecca Finell decided she’d had enough of messy bath time toys, and the Frog Pod was born. But she had lots of ideas for other parenting innovations and soon Ryan Fernandez had joined her mission, and together they founded Boon Inc. Located in Chandler, Arizona, USA, today Boon offers a wide range of innovative products, tackling one parenting challenge after another.