WHEN DO I NEED IT? From birth.

WHAT IS IT? A light that emits a gentle glow to help you see without waking the whole household.

WHY DO I NEED IT? As your baby gets into a sleep routine (yes, it will eventually happen), keeping those nighttime feeds low key with soft, ambient lighting really helps to reinforce the important distinction that nighttime is for sleep, while brighter daylight is for play, without making the whole affair a high-risk ‘tripping over the furniture’ affair for your sleep-deprived self.

The wee small hours suddenly take on a whole new significance with an unscheduled 2am (or 3am, 4am and 5am…) wake-up call

FEATURES TO CONSIDER There are plenty of gorgeous and decorative lights that will also function as a nightlight; but it can also be a great excuse to find a gorgeous keepsake lamp for your child. On a more practical note, night lights these days can also do double duty with additional functions – from a room thermometer, to a powerpoint or even portable nightlight option for your household.

WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? Brother Max’s Plug-In Nightlight allows you to not only have your nightlight, but continue to use it as a powerpoint as well, while the Gro-Egg Nightlight is a room thermometer that changes colour to indicate if the room is too hot or cold. There are also portable night lights for children from Beaba (see image top left), Brother Max and Boon (left), or a permanently plugged-in light, such as the Pabobo, which is light-sensitive – automatically lighting up when it gets dark, and switching off when it gets light. For a more decorative effect, there are any number of fairy lights you could use, or take a look at the Cable & Cotton light strands that come in every rainbow hue. For keepsake baby and toddler lights, you might want one of White Rabbit England’s iconic collection of Animal Lamp Friends or Lapin & Me’s adorably quirky Baby Light (left) in a fun range of colours.

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