gNappies – or gDiapers – may well be the ultimate in parent- and baby-friendly reusable nappies, and they’re most certainly the latest word in reusable nappy chic!

When Australians Kim and Jason Graham-Nye were expecting their first baby they began searching for a nappy brand that was both practical and socially responsible. But all they found were the standard landfill-clogging disposables, or time-consuming water-centric and electricity-guzzling reusables. So they set about creating a solution that combined the eco-credentials of reusable outers with the convenience of disposable inserts, all with bold colours and seasonal styles to boot.

In 2005 gNappies were born, setting a new standard for design and functionality in reusable nappies that was pretty much unmatched anywhere in the world

Realising that washing and reusing nappy covers (gPants) made perfect sense, the couple added a disposable insert that could biodegrade in three months in a home compost offering parents an option that didn’t have to include landfill – or even their own rubbish or recycling bin. Added to the mix was their genius idea to create a range of nappy covers and a matching clothing collection influenced by seasonal fashion trends and colour palettes, et voila – it was a logical bottom’s up approach to dressing one’s baby!

The outer gPants covers are made from machine-washable, breathable cotton with a hint of stretchy Spandex for flexible comfort, plus they fasten neatly around the back using adjustable hook and loop tabs, safely away from little hands. Each one comes with a snap-in (and out) waterproof pouch for less washing and is made with gBreathe technology, meaning less likelihood of nappy rash for your baby. All you have to add is the disposable insert (made from cellulose, fluff pulp and super absorber) which can be flushed (wee or poo), home composted (those with wee only) or thrown away – the choice is yours! If you prefer, gNappies also offer a reusable cloth insert as an alternative to the compostable insert.

Sizes for both the gPants and inserts start with the newborn (2-4kg) all-white collection, while the colour gPants go from S (3-7kg) to XL (15+kg). You can buy the gPants individually or, for better value, opt for a starter or newborn bundle.

Currently available in USA, Canada and UK, we are definitely on a MLSF mission to see these nappies available on home turf in Australia/NZ and defending babies bottoms – and the world’s future – around the globe just as soon as possible!


Why? With discarded disposable nappies making up one of the largest contributions to landfill, this combination of reusable and biodegradable elements is a clever, parent-friendly solution. Plus, nappies have never looked so glam.

Outstanding Features The designs are fun, bold, colourful and practical – not to mention the fact they can help save the planet.

Best For Parents who prefer an eco-friendly option and want their babies looking chic whilst doing so.

Designer Details Established by Kim and Jason Graham-Nye in 2005, gDiapers/gNappies was originally an idea that hailed from Tasmania in Australia when the couple had their first child and discovered that nappies were the world’s third largest landfill product, despite being used by only 5 per cent of the world’s population. The Graham-Nyes’ moved to the US (along with their baby and dog), and the design team at gNappies now works from their flex-friendly offices in Portland, Oregon. There’s an on-site crèche, flexible working hours and home working is a happy option. A couple of years ago the founders introduced a range of mix and match tops, dresses and leggings in seasonal prints and colours to help co-ordinate the whole look. So now your baby or toddler thinks putting on a nappy is just part of getting dressed.