During newborn baby days, there are only a dozen or so things that are truly must-haves. One of these is a take-with-you baby change solution, because the fact is, if you’re stepping foot outside your house with your baby anytime before they turn one, you’ll need to change them – probably the moment you’ve just closed the front door!

Which is when the Melobaby All-In-One Wallet comes into play. If you haven’t wanted to commit to a full-on change bag (or even if you have…) this wallet can be whipped from one bag to another so that all your change requirements are to hand without renegotiating your handbag every five minutes.

The Melobaby All-In-One Wallet is one of the niftiest baby change solutions, and means you can be at work (with your sophisticated ‘I mean business’ briefcase) one minute and Mummy In Charge the next

So, how does it all work? Closed, the Melobaby Wallet is almost exactly that – a large wallet with an inbuilt handle that fits over a small wrist (not so effective for the larger wristed Daddy in the family, but still clasp-able for him too), so no juggling the wallet while carrying your baby. Fully enclosed magnetic clips keep the wallet folded – until you want to open it, which is easily done one-handed; one ‘un-fold’, and you can access two ‘interior’ pockets, one that holds a zippered Poshette wipes wallet; the other, which holds up to four newborn/three toddler nappies.

A second ‘un-fold’ and the soft suede-like change mat is ready for action inside the now-4x-larger change mat/wallet. Again, sewn-in magnets at each corner of the change mat mean that this stays in place while you place your baby onto it, and there is no risk of catching clothing or your baby’s skin on any zips or Velcro. As the mat is attached only by magnets, you can extend the length of the mat (up to approximately 90cm) by simply turning the suede mat around and attaching the bottom magnets to the top of the change wallet, so no need for a new change mat when your baby ‘outgrows’ this one!

Should there be an ‘accident’ during the change process, the mat is removable and machine washable and also wipes clean with warm water. In fact, the entire wallet can be tossed in the washing machine or wiped clean with a cloth for convenience (just don’t put in the dryer as this will demagnetise the clips). Additional mats or zippered wipes holders are also available, and can be used with the wallet or on their own.

The brainchild of Melissa Walsh, a busy mother of two who harks from Australia but now lives in Geneva, the Melobaby All-In-One Wallet and Change Mat was borne out of the need for a baby change solution that could fit into her own handbag, carry all the essentials and be functional enough for daily use as well as on frequent long-distance trips with her two babies. “Mother and baby accessories tend to be bulky, focussing on the baby and forgetting the mother,” Melissa explains. “We spent four years sourcing the best materials, testing durability and practicality and designing something that mothers want to show off and fathers feel confident carrying.”

Why? So why not just toss a few nappies and wipes into your handbag? In theory this is a great idea… it’s just that, in the practice, there are always a thousand other things you are rifling amongst in your handbag when you’re juggling, well, life. And trying to locate the wipes, a nappy as well as a clean and hygienic surface in public toilets in the midst of a few tense moments with a wailing child and overfilled handbag can just be more trauma than it’s worth.

Outstanding Features Magnetic fastening ‘clips’; extendable change mat as your child grows larger than the change mat; the excellent washable and soft fabrics; the Poshette wallet that holds wipes.

Best For Parents needing to travel or be out and about with baby a lot (so everyone, then!) as well as those wanting to avoid a formal change bag and simply use their existing  handbags/manbags when out and about.

What Parents Love  “I just got back from a trip around Europe with my 9-month-old daughter and the Melobaby was great! It  was all I took with me on the plane for our baby and all I needed in the bottom of the pram when we went sightseeing or out to dinner. Too easy!” Jessica Mason, Australia.

Designer Details MELOBABY was established by Melissa Walsh in 2008 with one product – an all-in-one nappy wallet and changing mat – that was borne out of the frustration of needing a product that could fit into her handbag, carry all the baby change essentials and be functional enough to use on day-to-day errands as well as on frequent trips to Europe and Asia accompanied by her two young daughters. Only five years later, the brand now has an award winning line of products including a Melotote change bag as well as a MeloRescue First Aid Kit; all in handy sizes that are perfect for busy parents to pack and carry.