A baby play activity gym that is elegant, sturdy, plus the easiest in the world to set up and put away?… Thanks Frank & Fischer, your take on this piece of baby kit is brilliant! 

Like most families I know who had a baby play gym, our hand-me-down model was of the four-springy-tent-pole that attach to a garishly coloured floor mat variety and came with similarly decorated toys. It was always out and on display somewhere in the middle of the living room, as it was simply too much effort to pack the thing up, so it was constantly an eyesore, not to mention a tripping hazard.

Oh, if only we’d had Frank & Fischer’s elegantly designed Babyspyder. Made of moulded plywood in natural birch or painted in a non-toxic black paint, it consists of three ‘legs’ that are permanently attached with a round wooden ball at the top. The three legs simply  rotate out from the ball in a concertina style and are secured by tightening the ball – watch the video from Franck & Fischer (above) to see just how ridiculously easy it is to set up! Plus, as it’s self supporting, the gym doesn’t need to be attached to any other piece of equipment – it can be placed on whatever blanket you happen to have at hand.

The Babyspyder play gym by Frank & Fischer is hands down the best and most beautiful baby play gym I’ve seen. It’s simple, elegant and practical – the ideal meeting of form and function

Holes in each of the three legs can hold any toys you own that are of the ‘attach and dangle’ variety, making this your very own custom designed baby gym, however Franck & Fischer have created a gorgeous matching line of dangling toys that are adorable for babies – and that link up with the other Franck & Fischer collections.

When it comes time to pack it all up, the three legs of the Babyspyder Gym simply swing back into storing/transporting position so you can take it with you to a friend’s place, a park or even the beach (or store it away in a corner).

Good For… Grasping, reaching, visual focus, tracking objects, pointing, encouraging rolling over

What Kids Love Did someone say it’s time for some Entertainment?

What Parents Love Well, beyond the 15 minutes of ‘happily occupied baby’ it delivers every few hours, it’s the fact that this is such a superb meeting of form and function (and family life)

Designer Details Designer Annemarie Franck and business economist Charlotte Fischer established Franck & Fischer in 2005 and their collection of animal inspired characters have grown from just a handful of iconic designs to almost 100 different characters that come in everything from wooden toys to accessories for your interiors, as well as soft toys, books, games and puzzles. Delightfully Danish in their design aesthetic, these products are also extremely eco-aware, and in 2012, Franck & Fischer became the first toy company to be GOTS certified*.