This modernist cuckoo clock by Barbero Designs for Progetti pays tribute to Kandinsky, the Russian abstract artist and is a dramatic retelling of time for the home.

Made of three intersecting circles – the clock, the cuckoo’s clock and pendulum – the colours in this clock are reminiscent of Kandinsky’s art  and the balance between the geometric elements and their interaction with colour that was evident in so many of his paintings.

Kandinsky said, “the circle cannot be called anything but romantic,” and we can just imagine this clock being a vivid memory from childhood with its bold trinity of colours and functions

Unlike all those traditional grandfather clocks that keep one awake in bed as the ‘clanging in the hallway’ reminds one of the hour, this cuckoo strike is controlled by a light sensor and switches off automatically at night – and sometimes it’s those little things that count for a lot!

Designer Details Barbero Designs was established in 1993 by designer Fabrizio Barbero and has offices in Turin and Milan. After studying at the Polytechnic School of Milan, under the guidance of teachers such as Bruno Munari, Perry King and Nino Salvatore, Barbero has worked with some masters of Italian design including Massimo Morozzi, Hans Von Klier and Achille Castiglioni and has collaborated with various Italian and foreign companies. Barbero Design believes in creating objects that have a historical significance but that are in constant evolution; how an object interacts with the senses is essential. The design studio also produces work specifically for children.