With its sleek design and simple pieces, Londji’s Noir & Blanc chess set breathes new life into the classic game which has captivated old and young since the sixth century.

It seems highly appropriate that Catalunya-based Londji are developing refreshing approaches to the game and making it more attractive to children, as all research all seems to point Spain as the origins of the rules of modern chess. In this case, Londji have included a good warm-up activity before taking on the high-strategy, brain-teasing board game…

Before children can set out to catch Knights, trap Queens and then finally checkmate their opponents, the pieces need to be built from the recycled cardboard chess kit

With a board that is only 3mm thick and pieces that fold completely flat, Londji have created an eco-friendly set which can be transported and stored with ease. Far more child-friendly than regular bulky chess sets, this is the ideal version for future Grand Masters to practise on;

Good For…

Dexterity, fine motor skills, then… problem solving, reasoning, comparative and conceptual development, memory, following rules, attention development,

self confidence, responding to others

Keep in Mind… Beware of tempers getting frayed, as one rip, and the queen may be in tatters…

What Kids Love That they can take pack it up and take it with them

What Parents Love This is a game of two halves – the first being the build, the second being the game itself. A win/win game

Designer Details The small Spanish design company that is Londji have focused their sophisticated design talents on developing educational, traditional toys and games that encourage a return to old-fashioned pastimes. Their products are made from natural, eco-friendly materials and combine imaginative graphic design and inventive ideas. The team at Londji describe themselves thus on their own blog: “At Londji we make toys. We often speak about Londji as a fusion of imagination, creativity and desire to play.”