Whether Double Dutch or solo, skipping is quite simply a brilliant bit of play to weave into every day – for kids and parents alike. And this skipping rope from Nobodinoz is a pretty piece of kit to set the pace. 

There is something joyful about skipping. All that bouncing is bound to lift even the grumpiest of spirits. And the pluses of skipping as an activity are plentiful, from the fact you can get started without really having to learn how to do it or any rules of play, to its versatility as to where, how and with whom you can skip. If emotions with a friend are getting a little fraught during a playdate, pull out some skipping ropes and they can go and do their own thing for a few minutes before agreeing on the next activity.

Then there are the physical, intellectual and emotional benefits to the skipper. Skipping requires both hemispheres of the brain to work together and strengthens the connections between the two in the process. Reading requires a similar process – moving from one hemisphere of the brain to the other as it moves from left to right – and there have been links made between the ability with one and the other. And physically, of course, skipping builds strength, endurance and flexibility.

Plus a skipping rope is an incredibly transportable piece of play equipment to keep in your travel bag. After all, it only requires a few square feet of space for your kids to do a bit of skipping if the conversation at their grandparent’s house gets a bit boring (and just try packing the trampoline in your handbag as an alternative!)

Good For… strength, balance, coordination, aerobic strength. If skipping with another child… interaction, parallel play, taking turns (for turning the ropes in Double Dutch)

What Kids Love You can do some skipping anyway and anywhere you like: with a friend, without a friend, in the living room, in the park, using the rope like a snake on the floor, skipping solo or with a friend

What Parents Love It’s raining outside, and your child has cabin fever… this will get the heart pumping and hopefully tire them out! And talk about super easy to transport for activities to do at the grandparents

Designer Details Founded in 2006 by Murielle and Roman Bressan as a kids concept store in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona, Nobodinoz has grown into its own successful international brand with a collection of toys, clothes and interiors. Manufactured in France and Spain, Nobodinoz use carefully selected materials, dyes and non-toxic varnishes to create beautiful products with a focus on fun and playful designs.