At an astonishingly lightweight 5kg, the Quinny Yezz is definitely the lightest stroller currently on the market. So what’s the catch? 

This is the stroller you want tagging along with your family on a day trip, festival outing or a quick buzz about town when you don’t want to pack a chair, but equally don’t want to risk being left holding a sleeping child for the duration of your favourite band’s set.

With high-tech specs, super-easy one-hand performance, skate wheels to help you zip around and some inventive all-weather accessories, the Quinny Yezz is a pretty impressive super-lightweight buggy design

The frame is made from a high-performance gas injected glass-fibre material – IXEF – which makes it super strong yet super light. Meanwhile the fabric is a non-rip material similar to that used in paragliding, giving it not only a supremely streamlined silhouette, but also making it water and dirt repellant, although reports from some parents indicate that it is actually quite difficult to clean. On the ground, the Yezz can be manoeuvred merely using (or so Quinny boasts) one finger; perhaps it’s because the slick little wheels have borrowed their design prowess from in-line skate wheel technology.

The downside to all this weightlessness is that there’s only one angle of seating, so no recline for your dozing child. Quinny do, however, describe it as a “comfy hammock seat”, and it has been designed at an angle to make it the most comfortable single recline position possible. As might be expected, there is no under-buggy storage, but a pocket in the back of the stroller claims to hold up to 2kg of essentials, although the narrowness of the pocket would make anything too large impossible to carry. There is not much of an option for hanging shopping basket either, due to the handle’s design. A small sun canopy protects children from sun, although its size would mean it would be no good for anything but the worst of midday rays.

While these may seem significant flaws in a day-to-day stroller, the fact is, this is designed to be a super-lightweight buggy, and if it’s a holiday buggy for an older child, or festival get-about that you’re looking to pack, then this is a great option.

Yezz’s forte is its value as a travel stroller, and to make the most of that fact, Quinny have also created a sturdy Travel Bag for packing the chair away and save wear-and-tear on flights and journeys where you need to hand your chair over to ground staff.

Best for… Runabouts in the city when you are travelling with an older toddler and need to use a lot of public transport.

Designer Details The Quinny brand started in The Netherlands back in 1950, when Nicolaas Quint founded a trading company for baby products. In 1989, the first Quinny buggies and strollers were launched, and in 1997 the sporty Quinny Jogger was the international breakthrough buggy for the brand. In 2001 Quinny joined the Dorel group, and in 2004 the launch of the innovative Buzz stroller and the Zapp buggy set Quinny’s new, modern signature style for contemporary multicultural urban living.

See additional colour ways of the Quinny Yezz here.