With a motto that declares “Life’s too short to wear a bland backpack”, MadPax are true to their mission statement by creating bold and brazen backpacks guaranteed to get your child noticed – for all the right reasons.

Ah, the endless paraphernalia that accompanies parenthood: wet wipes, toys, tissues, food, bottles, books… It’s enough to make you feel like a pack mule. Well, no more! The clever folk at MadPax have designed a bag so cool that your progeny will insist on carrying the whole caboodle themselves. (OK, so you might occasionally still end up carrying it, but it’s got to give you more street cred than Thomas the Tank Engine or Peppa Pig).

What’s more, you’ll be in good company. MadPax has celebrity endorsement in buckets. Stars seen sporting the familiar spikes of Spiketus-Rex (oft times but not always on behalf of their offspring) include Lena Dunham, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck, Willow Smith, Jennifer Garner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Britney. Though the truth is, whether you’re famous or not, MadPax are designed to draw admiring glances and comments from passers-by, so be prepared to feel like a superstar!

Dynamic and bold with a sense of humour and a dash of daring, these backpacks are designed to stand out from the crowd. And don’t worry, there’s no danger of those spikes inflicting any pain.

Described by makers MadPax as “the evolution of the backpack”, there’s more to these funky holdalls than mere good looks. With pockets, pouches and zipped compartments, there’s ample storage space. Their ergonomic design also encourages good posture and they’re super lightweight – at least before your child has filled with the entire contents of his toybox!

Designs Madpax currently come in four designs, each of which is available in a variety of colour combinations and motifs.

  • Spiketus Rex is the original pack, with soft spikes either in the same colour, or in multi-contract hues.
  • Later-Gater is a twist on Spiketus but with mock croc and other faux animal skins for that gung-ho “I’ve just slain a dinosaur and I’ve made a backpack outta him” look.
  • Bubble design utilises an exclusive embossing construction to give a bubble-bobble effect. We love the new Warp Speed design that gives a cosmic glow.
  • Blok design features geometric shapes. The new Digital Undercover pixilated-effect colourway has shades of Lego and Minecraft, which should go down well in certain quarters.
  • The prize for the wittiest MadPax has to go to the Spiked Cone-Cept, where the spikes are designed to look like you’ve been pelted with squished  ice-cream cones. The Quack design, where the spikes become cute duckling’s beaks, is fun too.

Sizes MadPax come in “four sizes of funk” (they would, wouldn’t they?). As well as the large Fullpack, and medium Halfpack size, there is also Nibbler, which can be used as a lunch box and includes a stand-alone shoulder strap or backpack straps. Mighty Bite is a mini version of the original Spiketus Rex whose diddy size is perfect for gadgets, gizmos, iPod, crayons or collectibles.

Features Constructed from a durable material with a sturdy zipper fastening, we noticed the thoughtful design and the tactile feel of the zipper ring pulls, which is different on each design, for example, Later Gator is an oblong with dots that looks a bit Dalek, while the Warp Speed pulls are a lovely orb shape that complements the plantarium vibe of the print.

Pockets and storage The backpacks have an internal sleeve for organising books, tablets or other goodies for school, day trip or jounrey, together with two outside zipped accessory pockets for essentials, like keys, tickets or bus passes. There’s also a see-through card slot, where you can add your child’s name or other details.

Comfort of use Padded shoulder straps with ventilation strips at the back provide breathability, together with front chest straps in the Fullpack range for extra support. The bags are extremely lightweight, with no hard edges – and those squidgy spikes just bend under pressure.

Cleaning & care Made from tough, durable polyurethane, the material can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Machine washing, detergents or bleach are not recommended. While durable, the material has a top coating for colour, which can become damaged if dragged or abused. This is considered normal wear and tear and not be covered under the Limited Lifetime warranty.

Designer details Created in Phoenix Arizona in 2011, MadPax was co-founded by entrepreneur and mother Tina Huber on one key principle – to create 3D-inspired, progressively modern backpacks for kids of all ages. The bold designs were an instant success, winning awards three years running at the New York International Gift Show. MadPax represent the evolution of the backpack and are the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality for those wanting to stand out from the crowd and express their own personality, inject a pop of colour, punk, funk and a dash of flash into kids’ everyday life.