Ergonomic chairs are not necessarily known for their aesthetic beauty, but that is where Ubiquity Design has broken the mould with their Knelt children’s stool and desk.

Hand finished and polished, Knelt is constructed of veneered moulded birch, oak or American walnut veneer.

Designed to encourage children to develop a neutral posture (as
opposed to the common ‘hunched’ school desk posture), what makes the Knelt chair so brilliant is that it helps children discover what a comfortable posture actually feels like without the need for nagging parents

Instead, the regular need to write, draw, read, do homework or play on an iPad will encourage children to settle down at the Knelt desk where they will intuitively develop a natural posture. Best of all, this is a product that can be used from the age of three all the way through to the age of 10 – which means you can get them started before they even know there is an alternative to good posture!!

Designer Details Tim Spencer worked for many years as a Paediatric Nurse before retraining as a designer, so fittingly, this – the first launch for his designs – is for children. He strongly believes in using indigenous materials where possible and manufactures pieces in Britain.