The adorable collection of characters that make up the White Rabbit England night lights are all firm childhood favourites. There is Henry the Owl, Charlie the Dog, and even a sweet little Hedgehog named Herbert.

Just over a decade ago, sisters Charlotte and Victoria Sullivan set up White Rabbit England – all because of a bit of healthy sibling rivalry. There was a little toadstool light they had loved, and shared, as children. “One of the precious things we had in our bedroom as children was a little mushroom light… Then, when we had our own children, we fought over this one – there was only one lamp but we now had four children.”

So the sisters came up with their own ceramic design and set about finding the craftspeople who could produce it; the result was the classic White Rabbit England toadstool lamp. It wasn’t long before a friend suggested that they should create a lamp in the shape of their business logo – a rabbit. After its launch in 2009, the Rabbit lamp promptly won the Best British Made Gift for that year.

Now the collection has expanded from the original two toadstool lamps to include these beautifully elegant owl, hedgehog, cat, dog and pony lamps, all made from fine bone china.

Henry the Owl lamp came about because Charlotte’s son was “owl mad”; while Charlie the Dog lamp is named after Victoria’s son and features a shape based on their rescue dogs

Peggy the Pony lamp is based on Charlotte’s two rescue donkeys that graze outside her office window; while Herbert the Hedgehog was inspired by one of the creatures that appears on the woodland design of White Rabbit England’s original toadstool lamp.

Made from fine bone china in some of the UK’s finest Staffordshire potteries, each White Rabbit England lamp takes a week to produce from start to finish. Whilst the concept of fine bone china in a child’s room might set off alarm bells, fine bone china is actually an exceptionally hardy material. Developed by English potter Josiah Spode, fine bone china is known for not only its strength and resistance to being chipped, but also its whiteness and translucency, making it the ideal material for these perfect nighttime pals. 

Designs Click here to see the full range of White Rabbit lamps and pin one (or more) to your Moodboard.