Printed in a classic toile style, the Woodlands Wallpaper from Sian Zeng hides a not-so-classic surprise – it is actually a magnetic storyboard!

Printed in England with eco-friendly inks on paper from sustainable forests, these wallpapers work by way of a magnet receptive liner that is pasted onto the wall first; the woodlands wallpaper is then pasted on top to create this magnetic woodlands wall.

With this wallpaper, your child’s ever-so-elegant walls can quickly be transformed into a fairytale story land with a collection of surreal magnetic characters that bring it all to life.

Add Sian Zeng’s magnetic flying pig, llama-riding goose, hedgehog rider, frog, hedgehog, owl, houses and thought bubbles, and there really is no limit to the tales you might be able to tell at bedtime – or have your child tell you!

This pattern is also now available in bed linens as well as in cards and magnetic cards and storyboards (the perfect compromise if you don’t want to commit to the whole wall…)

The best part… it doesn’t involve your child using pens all over the wall to let their imagination run wild.

DESIGNER DETAILS Born in China and moving to Hungary at the age of seven, Sian Zeng’s designs have been very much influenced by her experiences. As she explains: “My interest in illustration and storytelling began when my family moved from China to Hungary. As I didn’t speak Hungarian, I spent half a year communicating with my classmates through drawings and hand gestures, which was a big factor in developing my illustrative and storytelling skills!”