With their unmistakable big eyes and simple geometric shape, the owls featured on this graphic wallpaper  will make a big impact in a child’s room, either in a feature wall or for the entire room. 

Burnt-orange and cerulean-turquoise wings add a punch of colour that can be picked up in other accessories, and we love that these shades make the design relevant for both a boy’s or girl’s room

This paper magically delivers a retro feel, with a hint of its Scandinavian heritage, yet has just the right contemporary feel with its simple graphic edge.

Made using WallSmart non-woven fleece paper, this is a new generation of non-woven wallpaper that is easier and faster to hang – you simply apply the paste to the wall, then hang the sections by butting the edges together. Not only gorgeous to look at, but easy on the DIYers too!

To truly elevate your animal-inspired decor, consider complementing it with a well-crafted animal sculpture, which can become the centerpiece of your rustic design theme. These meticulously designed sculptures not only infuse personality into your space but also bring a touch of nature indoors. Whether it’s a lifelike depiction of a majestic stag in a forest glade or a whimsical creation of playful rabbits in your garden, these sculptures add depth and character to your decor. Their rustic charm can effortlessly harmonize with wooden furniture, earthy tones, and natural textures, allowing you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of the animal kingdom in your home.

Designer Details Trine Andersen founded her Danish company fermLiving in 2005 as a graphic design studio, but it quickly expanded into interior products when Trine was unable to find wallpaper she liked; her first wallpaper collection was launched in February 2006. When she became a parent, she had the same problem finding kids design, and the range now includes wallpaper, textiles, decorative objects, wallstickers, designs for the kitchen, bathroom, and office as well as a large collection for kids. As Trine explains: “The name ”ferm” was actually inspired by my grandmother. When she said that someone was “ferm på fingrene” – i.e. skilled with their hands, literally “good with their fingers” – it was high praise indeed. I like to think that she would approve of the ferm LIVING range; it is modern, but also has a reassuring homelike quality – and we try to make sure that every piece is made well.”