Launched onto the UK design scene in 2009, Paperboy wallpapers were an immediate hit with their playful patterns and quirky subject matter – designed specifically for boys. 

In the brilliantly titled D’ya-think-e-saurus, brontosauruses, velociraptors (or is it the terrible tyrannosaurus?) and pterodactyls make the most of being brought back to life to play across walls and invite little boys on vast adventures in the Jurassic age.

It took a while before we noticed the little boy lying casually amidst a group of flesh eating procompsognathuses, but this is exactly the dreamy state of boyish reverie that this wallpaper is designed to evoke

As designer Victoria Cramsie puts it: “Our children will never meet a real dinosaur, in the same way they will never meet Darth Vader, but they can enjoy imagining how it might be if they did. Because they’re extinct, dinosaurs can be whatever a child wants them to be.”

All of the Paperboy wallpapers come in four colour ways; in this instance, that includes a divinely subtle white and silver version as well as this dramatic purple (see all four in our images below). D-ya-think-e-saurus is also available as a fabric, so you can opt for one or the other, or go the full Jurassic Park theme!

Keep an eye out here for our reviews of the additional 8 designs by Paperboy that feature everything from rockets to dragons and skeletons – you’ll love every one!

Designer Details Victoria Cramsie set out to create wallpapers specifically for boys that were playful, classic, that felt hand-made yet modern, and that worked just as well in a contemporary family home as in a nursery. Featuring playfully edgy motifs – from skeletons to ‘shadow puppets’ – and with witty touches in every details, from the designs to the titles (‘D-ya-think-e-saurus’ for the quirky dinosaur wallpapers), each year delivers a new batch of boyish elegance.