From Enchanted Woods to Pirate Seas, Gymkhana themes to Cactus Cowboy chic, the muted colours and classic themes in the four original wallpaper designs from Hibou Home deliver contemporary cool for children’s rooms. 

Launched  in 2011 to great acclaim (and a retail nod from Liberty London!), this collection is the first from Hibou Home, and also offers complementary fabric ranges for three of the designs.

In Pirates Seas, which features island strongholds, galleons, seas monsters, shipwrecks and the mysterious kraken (a legendary sea monster that lives off the coast of Norway and Greenland), Hibou have channelled the buccaneer spirit to inspire dreamy seafarers young and old.

Inspired by sea charts of old (and
who isn’t!), this wallpaper captures
the excitement and adventure of
life on the high seas

Pirate Seas colourways include white maps on a marine blue background or black on the appropriately named ‘gull grey’. This design is not available as a fabric.

Enchanted Wood truly does enchant with silhouettes of delicate woodland animals dancing across the walls in three colourways: aubergine on soft lilac, white on duck egg blue and white on dusky peony pink. This design is also available as a fabric in all three colour ways.

For the sophisticated young equestrian, Hibou’s Gymkhana wallpaper features stylish silhouettes of jumping horse and riders, rosettes and trophies as well as saddles, riding crops and bits. A unique print that could work as well in a cloakroom or boot room as it does in a bedroom, this print is available both as a wallpaper and a fabric in two subtly varied colourways: fuchsia on soft lilac and the brighter coral pink on sand.

Catering to would-be Wild West cowboys, the Cactus Cowboy wallpaper delivers dudes on horseback with lassos at the ready galloping through cacti-filled landscapes, subtly referencing the adventures of the
Wild West and ready to fuel the imaginations of your littlest wrangler

There is one colour way for the Cactus Cowboy theme combining denim-clad cowboys on horseback with dusty green cacti and soft grey background; this design is also available as a fabric.

All Hibou wallpaper is designed in London and manufactured in Lancashire, UK, and printed on sustainable and ethically sourced paper from suppliers accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. Fabrics are made from a 20% linen, 80% viscose mix and are suitable for soft furnishings and curtains.

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Designer Details Hibou was born in reaction to the loud colours and garish designs of most children’s wallpaper. Instead, Hibou mixes a palette of muted, Scandinavian inspired tones to bring sophistication to the walls of children’s rooms. The Kent-based (UK) company was founded in late 2011 and was quickly picked up by luxury department store Liberty of London. Hibou now also produces a range of fabric. You can also meet the maker in our Creator Q&A with founder and designer Emma Lycett.