“Climb every mountain” we like to exclaim (perhaps short-sightedly) to our children, and now – thanks to the creative masterminds behind Little Red Stuga – they can do just that every day. 

According to the designers at Little Red Stuga, when they set about dreaming up this creation, they were looking to reinterpret “the world’s most appreciated and functional pieces of furniture ever designed” – that’s right, the humble beanbag. So where else do you begin, but at the top of the world? Thus we now have the opportunity to ‘landscape’ our homes with mountain upon comfortable mountain.

Mind you, these are not just any old mountains being proffered, but rather a selection of the world’s finest: Kebnekaise – Sweden’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Fuji

Closer inspection of the printed patterns on each of the beanbags reveals even more detailed storytelling opportunities with climbers and base camps on Mount Everest; Kawaii figures (cute little Japanese characters) on Fuji; and tribal masks on Kilimanjaro. Furthermore, the height of each mountain has been emblazoned upon each ‘summit’ to ensure your child has a vertiginous knowledge of the world’s iconic peaks to demonstrate for pre-school pals. So there you have it – comfy beanbag and international geography lesson all in one!

To complete the setting, Little Red Stuga’s Landscape rug has been designed to complement the mountains…  although who wants to come back down to earth after a comfortable sojourn upon a mountaintop? Well, possibly a child who has had enough of the Sunday night movie and wants to get back to racing cars around the living room floor…

Designer Details Founded in 2007 by designers Kasper Medin and Ulrika E. Engberg, Little Red Stuga is a Swedish design company that creates products and projects both in-house and in collaboration with other designers and companies. These three ‘international’ beanbags were a collaboration with Lekolar, while the closer-to-home Kebnekaise is an in-house design (2008).